I began my career at 17-18 years old in various temporary employment agencies and within the tourism sector, working in different departments such as kitchens or restaurants, in order to finance trips during vacations. Later, I ventured into the field of animation and logistics in hotel complexes, taking on various responsibilities.

However, the real turning point came at 25 years old, when I had the opportunity to work and learn for several years in a local hotel chain that was experiencing rapid growth. Initially, I started as an intern, but thanks to my performance and willingness to seize opportunities, I rose from reception to the position of Assistant Manager of the chain, in an extremely enriching period, before deciding to venture out on my own with "henrypole home".

Currently, at 38 years old, at "henrypole_home", we specialize in managing tourist accommodations in the Canary Islands. However, it's worth noting that the beginning of "henrypole home" was not directly where it is now. It emerged in response to a need in Gran Canaria, and more broadly in the Canary Islands, for a place where tourists could safely store their luggage and enjoy a rest area while waiting for departure or wishing to explore other areas of the island, such as the magnificent Las Canteras Beach, or waiting for their flights back home after staying in vacation homes, or even for cruise passengers waiting to embark. With all of them, our story began.

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